Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crepes and Pillow Thoughts

You know, it really is amazing how much we focus on the negative aspects of our day, how easy it is to dwell on those points rather than focus on positive ones. I say this especially because as I read Greeny's first two posts, I was thinking to myself "You didn't really do anything well today." Looking back on the finer points of the day, however, I discovered that I did indeed do something very well today: I made crepes for the first time today, and I did so pretty darn well!

Although some days it is difficult to search for those nuggets of good, I believe we can and we deserve to acknowledge to golden nuggets, especially amongst the bleakness of a rough day.

So thank you, Greeny, for allowing my head to hit my pillow with some thoughts of positivity rather than obsessing over things I may not have done quite so well today (just another reason I love you).

1 comment:

  1. We will definitely have to make a delicious crepe breakfast sometime, with fruit and sugar and your crepe cooking skills! I'll cut the fruit and bring the Nutella haha.